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Philly Photo Booths Hits Miestone!

Philadelphia photo booth

It�s time to celebrate!!! Philly Photo Booths just reached a fresh milestone - the successful
completion of their 2000th rental! Extreme Photo Booths owner, Thomas F. Rzaca was thrilled
to get successfully completed 2000 fun and exciting photo booth rentals. Mr. Rzaca stated �It
seems like just yesterday we had been doing our first rental and here you go 2000 happy clients later.
And i also truly mean 2000 satisfied clients!�

It takes a lot of planning and prep work to get a successful event and Philly Photo Booths has
worked hard to achieve this milestone of 2000 happy customers! Mr. Rzaca stated �Every wedding,
every bar mitzvah, every sweet 16, every event is special and that we take pride in providing superior
service within an apparent effortless manner. It�s not just a job, it's someone�s special day and that we
are there to complete our magic flawlessly. We pride ourselves on that.�

Philly Photo Booths 2000th photo booth rental was obviously a beautiful Spring wedding. The reception
was decorated with beautiful fall colors as well as the room was lit by beautiful pillar candles. The
candlelight made the room sparkle. The bride to be was excited to find out that her wedding was
Philly Photo Booths 2000th event. She announced our milestone to the entire reception as well as the
DJ even helped celebrate by playing Celebration by Kool and the Gang. Perhaps the photographer
took their picture and stated they might put it into the bride�s wedding album marking the wedding.
Everyone applauded, danced then enjoyed themselves with a submit the photo booth.

Philly Photo Booths has turned into a leader in the commercial in and around Philadelphia. It simply
doesn�t happen by chance. They work closely with each and every client to ensure they get just what
they want. Every day with the event, Philly Photo Booths knows their client and can make sure that
they're going to have a prosperous and fun event with lots of happy memories. So let�s celebrate as Philly
Photo Booths is constantly on the provide superior, professional and fun events in need of an affordable photo

Post by cheapphotobooth1t (2016-07-20 11:17)

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